" Koh Tao Island Guide by KOH PHANGAN INFO: Hotel and Scuba Guide to Turtle Island, Thailand "


Although famous for the excellent diving, Koh Tao has loads to keep even the biggest landlubber happy. There are walks to viewpoints and some tougher treks into the jungle (don't be foolish and attempt trekking in the jungle without a guide it is very easy to get lost and very hard to find your way out). There is everything to heal the mind, body and soul; from Yoga, Meditation, Cooking and Massage courses to Colonic Irrigation and Detoxifying programs. There is rock climbing and mountain biking for those who take their thrills jumping off hills or there is the Taonian practice of Hammocking where you do as little as humanly possible. Then of course there are marine activities like snorkelling, fishing, boat trips, visits to islands such as Anthong Marine park and nearby Koh Nang Yuan - the worlds only three island's connected by three coral beaches!