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Angthong Marine Park

Ang Thong is a true natural wonder unique to the Gulf of Thailand; consisting of over 42 individual islands and easily reached from Koh Phangan by speedboat or cruiser it is a popular destination for travellers looking to explore this magical place. A few of the highlights include:

Viewpoint on Wua Ta Lap
Wua Ta Lap is the Marine Park Headquarters and consists of an open area with information centre, restaurant and a few modern bungalows. It is a steep climb to the viewpoint and lots of water and shoes are definitely recommended – the hard walk will will be rewarded by some stunning views.

Camping on Koh Mae Ko
There are only a few beaches in the Marine Park that tourists are allowed to camp and faciltilies are actually provided on request – swing in the hammock under the stars with a warming camp fire and BBQ in the evening. Call direct for bungalow reservations on 025 620760 or to arrange a tent 077 286588.

Inner Sea (Emerald Lake)
Don’t miss the famous saltwater Emerald Lake. Hidden from view and accessed by a narrow pathway, it is a natural wonder. No swimming allowed.

There are several companies that can arrange trips to the marine park, some will do a standard 1-day trip which includes visiting a few attractions, lunch break and a bit of snorkelling. For those that want more adventure it is possible to stay overnight at the marine park in basic accommodation. All tour packages should include the entrance fee of 300 Baht per person.


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