Baan Tai & Baan Khai

South West

From Thongsala down to Baan Khai, the coastline is all in lowland areas and has long been used as coconut plantation. The flat land allows the beaches to run uninterrupted for over eight kilometers, broken only by streams and rivers that spring from the surrounding mountains. The resorts are generally well spaced, have a good deal of beach frontage and it is always possible to find a secluded spot anywhere along the long white sand beach.

As many of the resorts are close to Thongsala and Haad Rin, this makes the Baan Tai/Baan Khai area popular for those who want to be near the action, but not too near. It is a short taxi ride to Haad Rin over the hills which normally take about 10 to 20 minutes.

There is also a small town in Baan Tai with a local market, boat harbour and fishing pier. A cluster of traditional seafood restaurants, a Italian pizza place, several funky bars, coffee shops and a fresh bakery are all within easy walking distance of the port. Further down the road at the junction to Thong Nai Pan there are plenty of internet and travel agents, a 24 hour convenience store and a couple of ATMs.

The area around Baan Tai is home to several well-orgainsed parties open outside of Full Moon, all of which offer a crazy night out and even though they do charge an entry fee all of them are genuine value for money.


Baan Tai & Baan Khai Map

South West Map

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