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Koh Phangan has long attracted an artistic element, which is reflected by the surprising number of art galleries, local crafts, hand painted batik (sarongs, hammocks, bed spreads etc.), handmade leather and handmade jewellery shops that you will bump into whilst window shopping. In truth, Koh Phangan is a great place to purchase high quality unique handmade products and the relative small size of the island means that you won’t have to walk far to find something of interest. Other items that will be a bargain compared to overpriced shopping malls in Bangkok and other Western countries include clothing, beach towels, flip flops, snorkelling equipment, musical instruments and jewellery items. It is especially useful to buy all your beach wear on Koh Phangan, such as bikinis, shorts, t-shirts and sarongs – you will save a small fortune! For book lovers there are also plenty of second hand book shops willing to trade in your oldies. Thailand is also famous for cheap movies and games; there are plenty of market stalls filled with all the latest releases for the keen eye.

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