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Itsaramai Private Charter & Tours


Itsaramai is a beautiful 20m wooden yacht often sailing to Ang Thong Marine Park, an amazing small tropical paradise of more than 40 islands. Enjoy the high sea life off the beaten track, with an overnight 2 day shared cruise to let you discover the jewels in the Gulf of Thailand away from the crowd. White sand remote beaches, hidden lagoons, limestone caves, snorkeling, kayaking, and sometimes after the sunset try fishing squid before an unforgettable star lighted night. All cruises include insurance, entrance fees, taxi transfer, equipment, food and drinks (not alcoholic drinks). Also available as a private charter for 2 to 10 passengers, any destination you choose, 1 or more days. Spoken languages include English, French and Thai.

Itsaramai Private Cruise & Tours


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